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Name :  Francesco
Country(city) : Italy (Rome)
Age : 30
Weight (kg) : 72
Height (sm.) :  180
Children : no
E-mail : francesco.cv@tiscalinet.it
Homepage : no
Additional Information: I think this short message it' not good to explain all about me and you must know me to understand me.
INSIDE : I'm a Carcer/Scorpio, good for me, "sweet and passionate".
Before i'm a positive person, and i don't like people who are not so.
I'm mature and resolute, available, honest, sincere, serious when i must do, witty when i must do, but any way i like to be always happy.
I know what i wont for my life.
OUTSIDE : I'm 30 years old, outside less, 181x72, i've a fit body, blond and medium long hair, different eyes (one more green and one more brown), beautiful mouth and hands.
Am i beautiful? i hope (people say it to me)
"I live by strong emotions and pure adrenaline"
"I like to give love and to receive it."
My idea of romance includes : a week-end getaway, champagne on ice, a moonlight swim, a walk along the beach, watching a sunset/sunrise
I Value : inteligence, a sense of humor, education/high intellect, having a zest for life, imagination, sensitivity, knowing what you wont for life, like to traveling, dislikes routine, sweety, affection and "passion".
I UNLIKE : Before all who is not intelligent then who is stressed, who shout, who is depressing, who is selfish, who don't smile, who is sad, because the life is only one and we must live it happy and fun.
HOBBIES : when i don't work and have got a time: Aerobics, Boating / Sailing, Ice skating, Martial Arts, Snow skiing / Snowboarding, Swimming, Wind surfing / surfing & windsurfig / horse.
Cultural events, Dinner parties at home, Fashion events, Pubs, Disco, Movies, Music - Classical, Music - Pop, Music - Jazz / R & B, Music - Rap, Music - Rock, Poetry, Traditional games.
Antiques / furniture restoration, Cars, Cats, Dogs, Family / kids, Gardening, Gourmet cooking, Motorcycles, Shopping, Travelling.
I participate in Extreme sports
HOLYDAY : Normally i travell around the world but everytime that i'm in holiday i spent sometime to sail with my boat across the Mediterranean Sea, this is great think to do, during it i get all my favourite.
MY LIFE NOW : I'm a owner of a beautiful restaurant in Rome, from 01/04/2000 there will be my restaurant website at www.spiritodivino.com , i work hard between 10:00 in the morning to 01:00 in the night, from Monday to Suturnday and i've few times for me, for pleasure and get my hobbies, but it's good because i'll build my strong future. I live alone from 9 years, the house is mine, and i get a lot of experiences but never married, why? i don't know, probably i never met the right person and now i'm looking for it. When i'm not tired i'll go out with my friends, pubs, disco etc..etc.., and came back very late, i could not do it but i can't live only for work. Sometimes i have two or tre days of freedom and since i leave for greats week-ends around Italy and Europe.
I'm still intelligent.
I can appear conceited and snooty, it's not so i simply know my value.

I'm looking for my PRINCESS, if you think to be....write me!
If do you wont know more about me or receive my photo, ask it!

Bye Francesco