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     Hello to all my visitors and interested ladies.

I am George Le May writing from Las Vegas Nevada in hopes of meeting that special lady.

Let me start by saying that I am divorced for 3 years after a short
4 year marriage, and I have no children. I occupy most of my time
working at my business of computer and book selling. I have lived in
this desert city for 8 years now, and before that I lived in Washington and Alaska states, which have more rain and snow.I also benefited as a younger boy traveling throughout Europe, mostly Germany & France and Spain, soaking up the varied and diverse cultures there. I still go back to Germany once every year or 2, to visit my cousins. I especially like the coffees and beers there, along with the foods. My work, being sel-employed, does afford me a good  living and opportunities to travel and do some projects that I enjoy, one of those  has been sports cars. I am not a professional racer, but I have taken  part in some amateur auto club events and races. Now mostly I just break   away and drive for fun when there are not many autos or police on the road.
I am physically 6 feet tall (184cm), and 172 pounds (78 kg), medium build,  good brown hair, thin moustache, healthy, with looks little like George  Hamilton, Patrick Swayze, and Count Dracula (with no
blood). I do not smoke but I will have a social drink.
I am kind, considerate, loyal to my mate. I want to build a future
solid relationship with new young lady with the same interests.
I work hard to achieve my goals and am concientious.
I happen to like eastern & western European ladies, I think they
are extra mature, willing to go the extra mile, and very attractive.
Looks are important to me, as I know they are for that significant
other lady, as we both need to look at each other with appeal. It goes both  ways. I seek a mutually consenting togetherness, and of course we don't know till we meet. But I think that is real exciting too. We did it as school  kids when we were younger, and then dating
in adulthood, and now internationally by email to meet and connect.
My preference in the lady is between ages 19 to 30, but who knows.
Also with no children, and no smoking, and not too heavy. The speaking of  english would be very important, even little to middle
will be a good start, and can be better learned later. I think it could be
great fun. I also help look after my 84 year old father since my mother died 5 years ago. I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister who has 2 great little
daughters 9 and 14. I can be an uncle for now
I look forward to your responses,

Yours Truly,

George Le May


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