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Name : Alistair MacDonald
Country(city) : Belgium (Brussels)
Age : 38
Weight (kg) : 95
Height (sm.) :  6 foot
Children : no
E-mail: Alistair_MacDonald_2000@yahoo.com
Homepage : no
Additional Information: I am looking for someone who is calm and honest. Physical appearance is important to me, but so is a flare for life, and the little things that make the world go round - does that make sense?
:I have a UK Education to MSc level. I have light brown hair and brown eyes (I think), divorced with no kids. I am reasonably atheletic - more to keep fit than a passion.

Personally, I am an easy-going person, doing an average amount of sport. It is more about managing the guilt - sitting and working all day, laziness and keeping relatively fit.

I am looking to settle down and start building a life that I can share with someone. I suppose I would describe myself as a middle of the road sort of person. I play most sports to a slightly above average standard - hockey, tennis, cycling......, but nothing to an exceptional standard. My work involves computers, I can do a little of this and a little of that - a jack of all trades and master of none, if you understand.