Name: Dr. ARTUR Pereira
Country(city): PORTUGAL (Lisbon)
Age: 42
Date of birth: 23th of December 1961
Weight (kg): 70 kg
Height (cm): 1.77 cm
Marital status: never married
Smokes: No
Children: no
Languages: English,French,Spanish,Italian and PORTUGUESE
About me: Single,childless,healthy Doctor of Psychology,
born on 23-XII-1961, honest and unpretentious
well-to-do,I'm a GOOD MAN looking for a VERY GOOD WOMAN for MARRIAGE!
Very open-minded, optimistic and progressist Christian Catholic,
I'm a romantic,sensuous, faithful,generous,kind and quiet partner,
keeping my ideal of one-WOMAN family MAN...
Usually quite busy but still marriage-minded and health-conscious sportsman,non-smoker,non-drinker (except sometimes
"socially") and never having used narcotics of any kind (except maybe safe,clean,HUMAN sex -- if you let me joke!), I'm a good-natured,easy-going and fun-loving guy,with a great sense of humour...
I speak English,French,
Spanish,Italian and,of course,Portuguese.So,you can answer to me in any of these languages, and, as I travel a lot (for business,pleasure,or both whenever I can),
we may also practise even other ones,later on,travelling together...
As I prefer a frank,open-hearted,intimate  relationship ( being always serious about MARRIAGE,even when joking -- only with good humour -- also about sex ),try to be also very honest and frankly open with me, so that we could exchange between us all our personal details,photos, addresses and phone numbers,PLEASE,in order to our serious relationship and possible meetings, there in your country or here in mine,or even somewhere (paying myself your travelling expenses),if you agree,as soon as possible...
Thanks in advance,
Friendly yours,
My home phone : +351-217620008
My home fax : +351-217622906
My office phone : +351-217622905
My mobile phone (always useful,as I travel a lot) : +351-917331233
Looking for: After having tragically lost my pretty special girlfriend in a flying accident,I'm interested in meeting another GOOD young lady,preferably also Christian ,between 20 and 33 y.o.,educated,
sensual,tender and  childless,I mean now without kids but loving
and wishing children in a GOOD family life...and if possible with beautiful face,body and HEART for a very happy MARRIAGE in which both of us will share everything,specially   our future lovely kids!!!

Address : P. O. BOX 1243 // 1007-001 LISBON // PORTUGAL
Phone: +351-217620008




ARTUR Pereira