Name: Salim s Ali
Country(city): Los Angeles, USA
Age: 43
Date of birth: 11/25/59
Weight (kg): 68 kg
Height (cm): 5.11
Marital status: divorced
Smokes: No
Children: 1 son 14 yrs old 1 dtr 15 yrs old
Languages: English, spanish
About me: HI, I am in kazan russia and am going to stay here for about a month. I am looking for some decent pretty lady with a loving heart from age 26 to 34. If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. My email is I think, I have many good qualities that a decent
woman would love to see in her husband. Dancing,
picnic, music, camping, family life, walking on the
beach, candle light dinners, capuccino or tea in a
small coffee shop in a snowy down town long drives,
romantic movies, sex, passionate and crazy hugs,
surprises etc. I enjoy all these. My kids call me
funny dad!!. Of course, I am not perfect but I try my
best to develop my personality everyday.
I think, I am a good looking tall, strong and
handsome man, :) 5.11, 43 yrs old, 150 lbs broad
minded with a sweet dream of falling in love again.
My friends say you look in your 30s :). No smoking, no
drinking, no drugs. I try to live a healthy balanced
life. You will be like my friend, my lover, my wife
and my partner. I will respect your goals, your
habits, your dreams, your carreer, your life style and
your friends and family. YOu will have your own
freedom to live and enjoy your life. I want to accept
you the way you are. All I want is your love, your
affection, your inspiration, your friendship, your
loyalty, sincerity, and your support to live a pious,
healthy happy united and strong balanced life. I will
do the same too. I have 2 kids and they
they both live with my X wife who is already married
to another man. They do come to my house in vacation.
They are very lovable, mature, understanding and
wonderful kids. They are grown up and have their own
life. My son is 14 and my dtr is 15. If you accept me
with my kids, I promise you, I will love you very much
and try my best to give you happiness for the rest of
the life. I would love to have one more kid if you
Every night before we sleep we will spend few
minutes together to make sure we are happy with each
other. I want to see that every night you tell me Yes!
salim I am happy with you. I will make sure you have a
smile on your face every morning when we wake up.
About religious belief, I will respect your culture
your belief and your religion and all I expect from
you is you respect mine. Although I was born muslim, I
am not very fanatic, fundamental or orthodox. I am
very liberal, open minded, well educated and travelled
very mature and communicative. We both will learn new
things about each
other and have wonderful discussion. We will discuss
every little details about married life, try to bring
out most of the common issues of married life and come
to a common aggreement on those issues before we
committ to each other. I understand your hesitation,
your scariness, your frustation and your nervousness
in a long term committment. At the same time you
should also understand my situation. We are all scared
and worried. we can start communicating and find out
more about our likes and dislikes, wants, desires,
habits and goals etc.
Looking for: A pretty lady from age 26 to 33 who has a desire to love and be loved. One who wants to live a balanced life with enthusiasm to develop herself and her family as we live in this wonderful creation of God. Some one who has common understanding of life and is honest, loyal and willing to stay married for the life time.
Address : 1886 lomita blvd. Lomita, Los Angeles, Ca 90717
Phone: 318 537 0262