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Name :  Michael
Country(city) : USA
Age :
Weight (kg) : 170 pound
Height (sm.) :  5" 10"
Children : no
E-mail: cpatax@libertybay.com
Homepage : no
Additional Information: Hello. My name Is Mike. I am a self employed CPA. I provide CPA services, tax and accounting consulting services.
I am 510 in height, 170 in weight, fair hair, blonde in the summer, blue eyes.
I have no wife, no children and no debt.
I love children. I am looking for a woman who has a great sense of humor and
likes to travel. I like to travel and cook. I can cook and clean.
I hope you can meet me soon…
My mailing address is POBox 804671 Chicago, Illinois USA 60680
Fax 312 464 0760
Email: cpatax@libertybay.com
Best dreams and wishes.