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Success Coach - Doc Love

Dear Doc Love,

My girlfriend Lisa and I have been going together for almost ten months. Our relationship seems to be sailing along quite smoothly. We're very compatible. We always have a lot of fun together. She never nags me. She's beautiful and classy and charming. (All my buddies rate her as a solid ten.) And all of my friends and family are quite impressed with her. They all think that I'm one lucky guy to have found her.

All right, I know what you're thinking. So what's the problem? Well, there IS just one little fly in the ointment so to speak, or as you say Doc, "There's no such thing as a clean deal." I didn't really notice this when we were first dating, but now it's becoming an issue for me. I'll explain.

We spend a lot of time together at my place, but I also take Lisa out about three nights a week. We like going to nice restaurants. We also go out to a lot of plays and concerts and I always get front row seats for us whenever possible. I've also just recently treated her to a ten-day vacation in Paris where we stayed at one of the nicest hotels in the city. (She speaks fluent French, but had never been to France. So you can imagine how thrilled she was when I first told her that I had the tickets.)

Now I was happy to pay for the entire trip to France. I enjoy being in the role of provider and it feels really good to be able to take my sweetheart anywhere we want to go without any consideration of how much it might cost. I guess I'll just mention that I'm a real-estate broker, and in the last few years I've been making some very serious money. So having a limited amount of cash is not one of my problems.

The thing is Lisa has never offered to pay for ANYTHING, not once. Not a dinner, not a movie ticket, not even an ice cream cone. And I'm noticing that I'm starting to feel resentful about it. I don't need her to spring for some big gift or anything like that, but some small gesture of giving and generosity on her part every so often when we go out would make a big difference for me.

She thanks me for the things that I do for her maybe one out of four times, but that's as far as it goes. I guess if she cooked for me or gave me a massage once in awhile, that that would make a difference, but she doesn't cook and she's just never offered to rub my back.

I'm considering the idea of asking her why she never offers to pay for anything, but I wanted to check with you first, Doc. Do you think that she never offers to pay for anything because it's just proper female behavior to her? She IS pretty traditional and conservative in a lot of ways. Or, do you think that she's really just selfish and kind of using me in some way, like she's not a "giver" as you would say.

The confusing thing is that she's very affectionate otherwise. What do you think Doc? And should I try to discuss the situation with her?

Winston - who wants to know what to do

Hey Winston,

To start, let's go over some basics. One of the ways that you evaluate a woman's Interest Level in you when you're FIRST dating her is to observe what she does when the two of you have finished eating at a restaurant and the check arrives. The odds of her having high interest in you are much better if she allows you to pay without bringing up the idea of sharing the cost.

When she lets YOU be the 'sole provider' in this context, it means, on a deeper level that she's SURRENDERING to you. (This is all true, unless of course, she's a mercenary which is a whole other can of worms.)

Now if she OFFERS to help out with the bill, that's usually not a 'flag', although you should decline her offer. But if she INSISTS that she pay for her "share," that means that you're basically dead in the water. She wants to stay in control and NOT surrender. To you Psych majors, she's a control freak with low interest level.

So in the beginning, we're looking for her to not be pressing to pitch in. But as we start moving into the second month of dating these rules begin to shift and we DO want her to be making a sincere effort, every so often, to contribute to the cost of the date in some meaningful way. If she's a giver, she will automatically do that. If she's a taker, it will never enter her mind.

Now considering all of this, Winston, your girlfriend Lisa obviously does not qualify as a giver, although she appears to have a high level of interest in you. Now we need to determine if she's just being lazy and inconsiderate, or if deep down she's a narcissistic gold digger who thinks she's entitled to be spoiled. Since she's an "A" she can have just about any guy she wants, but she's chosen YOU. Why? Is the essence of her deep love and caring for you high interest, or is it based on mere physical attraction and what you can buy for her?

But I want you to realize, Winston, that YOU are also part of the problem. If she has been thanking you for things only a quarter of the time instead of most of the time, then you should have busted her on that months ago. Ten months of this and you haven't said anything to her about it! What's up with that? Has her beauty intimidated you? As Denzel Washington said to Ethan Hawke when he wanted him to grow some cojones, you need to "Man up!" You failed to call her on her on her lack of consideration and now she's programmed to think that her behavior is acceptable. So now we're going to have to try doing what I call "cleanup."

Let's apply some indirect pressure and see if she becomes more demonstrative in the gratitude department. Maybe she can be re-trained. So, when she calls, ask her, "Did you forget to do something?" When she says, "What's that?" say, "Thank me for the nice dinner last Thursday." Do this kind of thing two or three times and see if she gets the hint. You could also ASK her to massage your shoulders and then observe whether she whines and does it with reluctance or with enthusiasm.

Additionally, I want you to suspend taking her out on any more expensive dates or trips until she starts appreciating you on a consistent basis. But be prepared. When you cut down on the high priced activities, you may see a side of her that you don't like. You may discover that she has a higher interest in your wallet than she does in your heart. But let's see.

If and when she starts to respond to the new training program, she may, hopefully, also begin to reciprocate with more than just verbal acknowledgements. That would be optimal. But the odds that she WILL aren't good because giving doesn't SEEM to be part of her nature. And no, I don't think her lack of giving has ANYTHING to do with her being "traditional." But it DOES have a lot to do with the fact that she's a ten.

If she doesn't respond well to the new program, Winston, then you have to make a choice. If you have tons of money and can overlook her take, take, taking, then marry her. But I think that would be a tough row to hoe. There's a high potential for resentment to build and kill all the romance. So let's hope we get some results from our new game plan.

Remember, guys, givers are more fun than takers.

To send me your love questions or to find out more about The "System," visit me at or call (800)  404-2644.

Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars. For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, "Why do you stay with one man versus another?"

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