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 Women Don't Lie - Men Don't Listen
Success Coach - Doc Love

Dear Doc Love,

The other night my buddy took me to this "New Age" event at a hotel ballroom in Santa Monica. It was called "An Evening With the Angels." The place was packed; there were about four hundred people there. But the interesting thing was that there were only about ten guys there, if that many. It was ninety eight percent women. Of course there were lots of older, not so attractive women there, but there were also many, many attractive young women there too. I was actually blown away at the abundance of babes at this place.

So my friend and I found a seat, and soon, the leader of the event, "Dr. Dina," appeared. She started wandering through the audience, doing "psychic Angel readings" for various people. She would tell them things about their past and their future and about how their loved ones who had passed away were with the angels or had become angels. It was pretty far out stuff. I don't know if I believe any of it, but she was an interesting speaker, entertaining and funny.

After about an hour and a half, "Dr. Dina" announced a break. In the back of the ballroom were several tables piled with all of her books and tapes for sale. So all the women got up and swarmed around this makeshift bookstore. The point I'm getting too, was that it was so unbelievably easy to talk to these women who were mingling around checking out the books and tapes. They were all chatty and friendly and open. Many of them actually seemed quite pleased and impressed that any men were there at all. Two different good-looking girls actually came up to me and asked me how I liked the presentation!

Now, I know, that "The System" says how important it is to get a girl's home phone number if you're interested. But I felt very uncomfortable about asking either of these girls for their number, even though one of them was touching me a lot. I just felt like I would be seen as horny guy who was just trying to scam on chicks while every body was there to be "angelic." It would have been so easy to hook up with those girls in that situation, like shooting fish in a barrel, but It also just seemed like it somehow wouldn't be right to take advantage.

So what do you think Doc? Did I wimp out or did I do the right thing? And what do you think about these "New Age" events in general as places to meet women?

Conrad - who's no angel

Hi Conrad,
Congratulations Conrad, you've stumbled upon one of the greatest pick-up secrets of the millennium. Almost all of those holistic, New Age hippy happenings are jam packed with kitty kats. Why go to a club or a bar where the male/female ratio is usually about 65/35, when you can be in an environment where the women way outnumber the men. In the love jungle it's really a numbers game, and anytime or anyway you can put the numbers more in your favor, I say, go for it!

The other great thing about New Age/spiritual events is that peace and love and friendly good vibes are flowing there. And there's usually an atmosphere of sharing and mutual support that prevails. It's a much friendlier environment than the highly competitive dog eat dog atmosphere of so many nightclubs. And you will often find that many of the women in attendance are just pleased as punch that a few guys have shown up. Isn't that refreshing? To you Psych majors…you'll stand out.

Conrad, you were at the right place at the right time with "closing" on your mind. (For those of you, who don't know, "closing" is a sales term for asking for what you want, the order -- in this case, the home phone number.) Your only problem is that you were sabotaging yourself by seeking approval and caring too much about the opinion of other people. What's the worst thing that could happen? Maybe one girl with low Interest Level might blow you off and think you were being inappropriate for being interested in dating while you're at a "spiritual" event. So what! Who cares what women with low Interest Level think?

Never be embarrassed about asking a girl for her home phone number. Never apologize for asking a girl for her home phone number. Never! Instead, use the ABC method: Always Be Closing. Any woman with a good attitude wouldn't fault you for asking for her phone number…(except maybe if you met her at a funeral). And in fact, even if she were happily married, she'd still take your request, as a compliment.

Just keep in mind that, not all, but some of these babes are going to be over the rainbow in woo woo land. So you'll have to weed out the loonies. But you'd be surprised how many attractive, intelligent and classy women are to be found in Deepak Chopra seminars, psychic faires and astrology classes.

Now, Conrad, in a situation like the one you've described, if you're concerned about appearing like a scammer, it's best not to wander around during the break, searching for someone, like you're lost. Instead, plant yourself in one spot, preferably next to a pile of books on "finding your soulmate." As various women whom you find appealing cruise by, say something to them like: "So, do you believe in soulmates?" If they have any interest, they'll keep the ball rolling. Then just use those five magic words: "What's your home phone number?" to seal the deal.   

Also, when you're at your next Angelic happening, make sure to participate and ask a question or make a clever comment if you have the opportunity. You'll be more visible and you'll get more attention and interest coming your way, especially if you say something deep and meaningful. As every aspiring actress knows: If you want to sell yourself, you've got to get exposure.

Remember, guys, whatever it takes!

To send me your love questions or to find out more about The "System," visit me at or call (800)   404-2644.

Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars. For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, "Why do you stay with one man versus another?"

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