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Building Prizability Through Cold Reading…


Hey guys,

While watching TV the other day, an advertisement came on for the psychic network, which made me think of you. And no! – it was not because I think you’re Peg Bundy, spending your days eating bonbons and calling psychic hotlines.

The REAL reason this pop diva turned psychic hotline entrepreneur’s commercial made me think of you was that it reminded me of a very powerful method for gaining PRIZABILITY – and those of you who already own my book know that PRIZABILITY is having enough value in a woman’s eyes that if you walked away or did not validate her, she would take it to be a loss.

Not having PRIZABILITY will make it next to impossible to PRIZE a woman – get her chasing you. Without PRIZABILTY the woman is apt to lose interest in you…and LOSE interest quickly.

Before telling you what this method is, I am going to digress a bit and share with you a somewhat painful experience from my past. Several years ago I was at a trendy Los Angeles nightclub with a buddy of mine (those of you who have my book might remember reading about my albino Gary Colman looking friend who got a DUI on a golf cart – well, that’s him!). As usual, this club was swarming with hotties. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. This woman’s beauty was different from all the other women. Words can’t do justice to her beauty – all I can say is that just watching her move sent shivers down my spine. So I gulped down some liquid courage and made a tragic try at making conversation with her. As I was talking to her I thought: “A woman can’t be more perfect than her…she is my dream girl.” After talking to her for awhile, I suggested we exchange numbers. She responded by laughing in my face. I felt like the guy who had his heart pulled out of his chest by Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But just when I was really starting to hate life, things took a turn for the pathetic; as I witnessed my albino Gary Colman looking friend getting my dream girl’s number. I felt like a complete and utter…LOSER! I wanted to cry, but had too much pride.

If I even had a smattering of the knowledge I have now this whole situation might have played out differently.

This begs question: What sort of KNOWLEDGE am I talking about? I am talking about knowing how to MAKE women see you as the PRIZE. In my book I talk about several different ways of making women see you as the PRIZE, one of which is the heart of what I want to talk about in this newsletter: Cold reading.

Cold reading is telling a woman about herself without having ANY prior knowledge about her. Do you have to be endowed with psychic powers to cold read women? Heck no! If people needed to have psychic powers to cold read, the psychic network would have gone out of business long ago.

The trick is to say something that is true about her, the situation, or something she is doing; and then follow it up with something that could be true about her.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine you are chatting with a woman who is talking about living an exciting life but whose body language is standoffish – she is, for example, leaning back and has her arms crossed. You could say to her: “There are two types of people in this world: actors and observers. Actors are people who are in the moment; observers are people who are dissociated from the moment. You have your arms crossed and you are leaning back, so, you are an observer. But I bet there is a very adventurous side to you; a part of you that is totally in the moment. And it is only when you are able to let go and be in the moment completely that you are truly happy. I am adventurous and like that you have an adventurous side too. But I am not sure the two of us can hang out because I don’t know if you are adventurous enough for me.”

On more than one occasion I have transformed the iciest women into warm giggly little girls using something similar to the above. I have even had a few situations where the woman reached over and started kissing me.

There are many reasons why this type of cold reading builds PRIZABILITY, three of which are:

1)    When done successfully women will be brimming with intrigue about how you were able to figure them out so quickly. They will anticipate other things you know about them.
2)    It creates rapport by making them feel that you know and understand them (Those of you who own my book know that I consider “rapport” to be a subset of PRIZABILITY).
3)    It can be used as a meaning or attraction coup ( For those of you who did not have a chance to read my last article, Turning Barriers Into Benefits, meaning or attraction coups are when you do something to take back control of the underlying meaning of the interaction. Women often times view men who are able to “take back control” of the underlying meaning of the interaction as having a lot of PRIZABILITY). So, for example, when a woman is acting a bit cold or aloof towards you, she might be conveying that she is not interested in you and that she is the PRIZE. When you use a cold reading similar to the example I gave above it acts as an attraction coup by redefining the underlying meaning as her being the one who is trying to win you over – that you are the one who is the PRIZE. This is a great way of segueing from demonstrating PRIZABILITY to PRIZING her – making her chase you.

Well, my fingers are getting tired, so that’s it for now. If you are interested in gaining power with women through cold reading, pick up a copy of my book. My book is the only product currently available that breaks down how to use cold reading to get women chasing you. My book, also, is chock full of other methods – such as, story telling, frame setting, attitude projection, Challenging & Qualifying, and Pushing & Pulling to name a few – that will give you PRIZABILITY and power with women. This is the most cutting edge dating advice available, so come check it out:

'Till next time,


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