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Swinggcat - author of Real World Seduction

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Getting Past Sexual Barriers...


Hey guys,

I want to share a secret with you that will blow your mind. Warning: When you first hear this secret you might feel a bit disconcerted. If you already have truck loads of experience with women you might think to yourself, “Wow…someone else knows about this too!” If you are a woman reading this, you might say to yourself, “No! – Now the male world is going to be privy to the truth.”

Most guys who have at least some experience in the “dating game” have encountered women who were ATTRACTED to them but would not kiss them. Almost a hundred percent of the time men respond to this barrier in the same way, as if they were one person with one brain. They think that if a woman won’t kiss them, she will not have sex with them.

They assume to get sexual with her they need to kiss her first, and to kiss her they need to build an emotional connection with her. Sometimes it’s important to build an emotional connection, making her feel comfortable with you, before getting sexual with her. Other times, however, it’s not.

There are situations where trying to kiss a woman or build an emotional connection with a woman will actually deter you from having sex with her. Most men, however, are incompetent with a dash of stupidity in these situations. This is because men’s minds are designed to process information in a logical and linear way. Women’s emotions, however, don’t work in a linear fashion.

Men intuitively think that in order to sleep with a woman they have to go through a linear sequence of steps. When women put up resistance, many men construe it as a barrier they must break down to progress to the next step. This usually ensues in more resistance.

So this begs the question: “What is the secret way, Swinggcat, for handling women who like you but will not kiss you?”

I discovered this secret many years ago while out one night with this woman who is lumbered with one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. She was wearing low cut jeans. As she walked her jeans began to slip down, down down they slipped, down around the cheeks of her rear, a perfect rim of thing, held up by the crotch of her pants. Not only was I aroused, but focused on my goal: To score with this luscious babe. I managed to get her into my bedroom. We sat and talked on my bed. I remember she was wearing this low cut top. “She’s really working those breasts in there, bouncy bouncy,” I thought to myself. We started to cuddle. I was aroused – indeed. I went in for the kill, smacking my lips against hers. I was, however, unpleasantly surprised as she pushed me away. I made a few tragic tries at connecting with her. Then made a few more frustrating attempts at kissing her but she kept pushing me away. This started to put my teeth on edge. To ease the frustration I started daydreaming about a hot bath, an all you can eat buffet …and something to keep me going – a picture of myself on a king size bed with two really hot girls, them kissing each other, me kissing them. Then I drifted back to reality, and started to agonize: “It’s going to be impossible to get this girl to kiss me.”

“To ease my mind,” I thought, “I will try something so impossible that I won’t even be able to agonize over it succeeding. I am going to attempt to have sex with her without even kissing her.” So, this is what I did: I spooned her from behind, started rubbing her thighs, lowered her pants, and started stimulating her with my fingers. This ensued in sex.

Here’s what’s weird: Afterwards I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me away. Since then I have realized that many women will have sex with a man, despite their disinclination to get intimate with him.

This, my friends, is the crux of the issue: Just because a woman resists being intimate with you, doesn’t mean she is not open to having sex with you. And sometimes trying to emotionally connect with a woman will only make her resist more.

Am I saying that all women don’t want an emotional connection? Not at all – many do. There are, however, a lot women who are not open to having an emotional connection with a stranger – maybe, for example, they are married, or have been hurt in a past relationship, or have a hard time trusting people they don’t know well – yet they are open to having sex with one.

There are, furthermore, a number of women in committed relationships who are open to having sex with strangers, yet will not kiss them. “This is because ‘kissing’ is meaningful, while sex is just sex,” to quote female friend of mine. Her words voice the sentiments of part of the female population. This is not something I endorse. It is important, however, to be aware that this is the reality of some women.

The moral of the lesson is this: Attracting women is not always a linear process. Although a lot of women need to feel comfortable and have an emotional connection with a man before sleeping with him, other females flee from these emotional connections. So, if you find yourself confronted with a barrier, back up and assess the sort of woman you are dealing with before proceeding further.

Being able to handle these barriers comes down to knowing how to set strong frames, and read women. Both of these subjects are covered in my book. I’m getting ready to release a ton of mind shattering material. To benefit the most from it, you need to have read my book. So, if you haven’t taken the chance to pick up a copy, do so today:




Dude if we ever meet I owe you dinner. I used to be so shy talking to chicks at clubs. Your book has really changed that. I used your qualifying and challenging technique to make out with a hotty in a bar for the first time. Swinggcat, you da man!

A from Texas

My Comments:

Hearing this makes me feel that all of my effort is worth while. I would love to use this as a testimonial on my webpage – cool? Keep up the good work.


hi there…i have been having some good success with your meta intent exercise from your charisma newsletter. I have always had a hard time getting really good looking girl to keep talking to me. but since doing the exercise they don’t want to leave me. they just keep wanting stay longer. but I want to turn it physical. how do I do that?

My Comments:

Good job on doing the Meta-Intent exercise. I’m going to go out on a limb, though, and guess that you haven’t read my book – am I right?

In my book I describe in great detail how to go from talking to a woman to getting physical with her. This is a subject that is almost entirely neglected by other dating experts. One of the specific techniques I talk about in my book is “physical push-pull.” This is when you “physically” pull a woman into you, and then “physically” push her away from you. Doing this emotionally compels women to WANT to get physical with you. Mastering this one skill - no matter what your skill with women currently is - will increase your success with women by a minimum of 50%.

My book is probably the only place on the planet where you can learn physical push-pull. So, take your success with women to the next level by picking up a copy today.

Till next time,


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